If you follow me on Instagram you will KNOW my passion behind this blog is REAL. Naturally, I am a photographer so I see the world through a lens 89% of the time... I mean whether it's my "proper" camera or just my phone I see a moment and I just HAVE to snap it, it's like a reflex to me. I know my other half eye rolls (and both him and my son HATE having their photo taken) BUT that's me... I love nothing more than looking back on my camera roll & seeing all the special little moments. The problem with this, is that in a group environment, or just in a normal setting, I will ALWAYS take on this role... meaning I'm barely ever present when I look back at any photographs of events. Don't get me wrong, when I do occasionally get papped I'm also the kind of girl that looks back and picks flaws in myself and thinks EWWWWW DELETE.


I'm here to say that's not OK. Think back to those photos in your late teens/early twenties where you looked at a photo and picked yourself apart... "I look HUGE" .... look back at those photos now & tell me you wouldn't take that figure back in a heartbeat! It's crazy. We are SO judgemental over ourselves and we put so much pressure on ourselves as humans. But mums, you MUST stay present. This isn't for everybody, I know full well there's loads of great "insta husbands" out there but from speaking with other mums they ALWAYS tell me about how they see a little child and father moment, whether it's the belly tickles or the bedtime story and they take little candid snaps. But mums, where are ours? This is by no means a dig at the partners out there, because it's just a "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" type moment, it's not natural to you, and that's fine. My other half tries his hardest but I just know that it's not on his radar like it is mine.

That's why it's so important to invest in your memories. Mummy & me shoots are so close to my heart. Documenting that bond is something that is so incredibly special to me. Whether that be outdoors so the little ones can run free or in your own home doing what you do on a normal day, these shoots are made to be as natural as possible. We chat, we laugh, we have fun... and most importantly, it's recorded.

Since this year I cannot do my usual Mummy & Me Mothers Day Mini Photoshoots I have decided to offer them in a form of a voucher to be redeemed at any point this year. They will be £125 and I will provide you with a mini photoshoot session & around 30 fully edited digital images available to download from an online gallery. Treat yourself or forward this to someone as a little hint!!

It's the canid little moments, the looks and the laughs that you will hold so close to your heart. Investing in photographs will never ever be something that you regret. Theses photos can be printed and kept for years. They can be handed down to your children, and their children. The shoes will get too small, the outfits will fade, the toys will tire. Freeze the beautiful moments and treasure them forever.



"Mothers hold their children's hands for just a moment, but hold their hearts for a lifetime"

Contact me to purchase....

  • Mummy & Me Photoshoot Session Indoors or Outdoors
  • 30 Fully edited digital images
  • Available to download on an online gallery
  • To be redeemed within a year of purchase

Locations above left to right; Wheldrake Woods York, Rowntrees Park York, Wheldrake Woods York, Homestead Park York

"Fran was amazing from start to finish, so smiley, friendly & welcoming she made us feel comfortable straight away, this definitely helped my fiancé who was not up for having his photos taken what so ever (typical bloke). Within 5 minutes he was absolutely fine and at ease doing everything Fran asked all because of how she was with us. We got our pictures way quicker than we expected and at such a reasonable price too. They are absolutely beautiful something we will cherish forever, we can't recommend Fran enough."
"Absolutely fantastic experience working with Fran to create some beautiful memories for my little family. Fran is extremely professional and friendly. Fran was able to work with my 3 children to get the perfect images. Highly recommended."