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Newborn/ Family Lifestyle Sessions

As a mother myself I soon found that we constantly have our phones glued to our hands taking photographs, but I also found that we are never present in the memories. I am SO passionate about providing people with memories. I want you to look back in years to come and for my images to take you back to the most precious moments, I want your heart to feel full and I want you to never forget.

In the whirlwind of having a brand new baby the early days are basically figuring what on earth to do with this sleeping, pooping, milk consuming creation you have made. I have created this package so that you will always remember those early days before they are running you ragged as you run to retrieve the missing tub of Sudocrem that is now in their little mitts!

I will completely take your lead on what you want me to capture, not only focussing on your beautiful bundle of joy but also some natural photographs of your new family. Having a shoot in your own home makes the memories even more real. . .

Just you, as you are, simplicity. Exactly what you want to treasure! 

Being a mother myself, the most important thing to me is that your baby is happy and comfortable. If you want to see your baby posing in a teacup, I'm not the photographer for you. Everything about my shoots is as natural and comfortable as I can make it for everyone involved. If you have certain props, perhaps something with meaning to you I would be delighted to incorporate it in the shoot. If you want to discuss any potential ideas prior to booking do not hesitate to contact me.

Pricing & Packages



Lifestyle Session in your own home

Full post production editing

20 Images delivered via an Online Gallery




Lifestyle Session in your own home

Full post production editing

50+ Images delivered via an Online Gallery




Lifestyle Session in your own home

Full post production editing

50+ Images delivered via an Online Gallery

A personalised leatherette pouch including 10 6x4 prints

1 x Photobook Style album


When is best to book?

Since these shoots are so natural they can be scheduled whenever you like but always best to catch them whilst they're still in a sleepy stage. The best time to schedule a newborn shoot is a week after your due date, of course, unfortunately for us mummies due dates aren't set in stone and babies come when they are ready.

Can I move my appointment?

Once booked your date does not have to be set in stone. Perhaps baby is keeping you waiting longer than you hoped. Or maybe you just can't face the shoot after little to no sleep. I understand. I will work with you to get the right timing for you and your new human.

What should we wear?

My advice would be to keep it simple and neural. No bright colours, logos or patterns. I would tend to say avoid "matching" outfits but co-ordination is key by keeping to the same colour way!

What should baby wear?

For babies, again, keep it neautral and avoid oversized. Plain bodysuits work great as they have their little arms + legs out - just make sure the house is nice and warm! I would recommend a few degrees higher than normal. I advise having them in a bodysuit wrapped in a blanket for when I get there if possible. Better to add clothes rather than take them away to keep baby happy!

What rooms will you use?

I tend to ask for a quick walk through on arrival so I can see the best places for lighting. I generally shoot in the lounge, nursery or master bedroom. I can move things around if needed. All I ask is that you make up your bed with plain white or cream bed linen as I often shoot in the master bedroom. In terms of tidying - ZERO JUDGEMENT it's ALL about the angles. Just make sure the area near the sofa, bed and cot are clutter free and it will be fine!

Is there an age limit?

Absolutely not. Perhaps you missed the chance of a newborn shoot and regretted it ever since, or maybe you wanted to wait to capture those cheeky little expressions that your baby is now making. There is no right age to have a family session, whether your baby is crawling, toddling, running or just a bump this is an ideal session to capture some memories of your family.

Can siblings join in on the shoot?

ABSOLUTELY. Those first few weeks are tough on the siblings particularly those that have never experienced this before so it’s best to try and play down the photoshoot as much as possible, by saying a friend is coming and they’re going to take some photos. Allow them to introduce me to the baby and show me their room + favourite toys. This will make them feel much safer and hopefully they will warm up quicker. It can be a real daunting time for the siblings so by warning them prior they must smile for me it can make then feel very anxious about my arrival! An easy and playful approach is much better!

How about pets?

Furry friends are part of the family too! So 100 times YES.

Is there a time limit?

I want to make sure you are as relaxed as possible therefore I always allow PLENTY of time. Time for feeds, nappy changes, outfit changes, naps, any time you might need to eat/drink/relax in any moments that you can. There is no time limit (within reason!) I just want you to enjoy your experience as much as possible.

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