Tips for the big day!

Bridal Prep

✨ Think about what you and your bridesmaids are going to wear during your "bridal prep" It is lovely to have everyone in something matching whether that be PJ's/ dressing gowns/nighties! They look great in the pictures and can make great gifts if you are thinking about giving gifts to your bridal party!

✨ Location - think about where you’re getting ready. Space is key!! You want enough room for all your. Bridal party, glam squad, me + a videographer to be able to move around without being too up close & personal. Consider hiring an air b&b / check if your venue has a bridal prep room if you feel there isn’t space where you are sleeping. 

✨ “The Big Reveal" Being able to capture the reactions of your friends and family see you in your dress for the very first time is a moment that you will want to be captured. They will leave you with beautiful memories.

✨ SO many brides get into their wedding dress moments before leaving for the ceremony. I recommend leaving around 45 minutes before you need to leave, this allows some extra time for any photos

✨ Keeping the room as cleansed and free of clutter as possible will ensure you get the best from your photos! You will thank your future self!

✨ Make a wedding morning playlist; think of the music that’s going to get you excited - and think of who else is in the room. Any nostalgic songs for you + your bridal party is always a bonus 

✨ If you have space, hang your dress somewhere nice ready for me arriving. The same with your bridesmaid dresses if possible.

✨ EAT! Don’t over face yourself with big bacon sandwiches if you know you won’t be able to stomach it! Get some small picky bits you can nibble on! 

✨ The little details; make sure any little details are left out ready to be photographed. Perhaps bring the ring box for your engagement ring, your save the dates, invites, wedding shoes, perfume, jewellery that will be worn. Any little bits that help tell your story.

✨ This won't be for everyone but giving each other a little note to read on the big day is a lovely moment to treasure; sweet or funny, weddings are hard work to organise and when the day comes around your mind will be thinking about all the little things. A nice note is a lovely way to bring the focus back to what the day is all about. And wherever possible, wait for me to arrive to capture this! 

✨ Thank you gifts/cards for your bridesmaids. As above; make sure your I am around on opening! 

✨ LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT! Your make up artist will more than likely sit you by a natural light source, ie. a window/doors. Just make sure you are positioned in an area that myself, a videographer and your hair/make up artist are able to work around the area comfortably.


This is by far THE most important thing. Get the music on, the bubbles flowing & enjoy getting pampered whilst you look forward to the most special day of your life! 

Groom Prep

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