The Countdown is ON!

The fact that you have been directed to this page must mean we don't have too long to go until your big day!

Hopefully all the finer details will now have been confirmed, however, if not just let me know. I appreciate as much information as you can to make the day as smooth as possible. Providing me with the names of your suppliers will allow me to credit them on any images I share to make sure they get the acknowledgement they deserve!

The Finer Details...

If you could kindly have a good read through and come back to me as soon as possible that would be great.

When you have finished please click "send message" and I will confirm once received.


Full address

Please include: Arrival of Hair and Make up, Time of departure for ceremony, Time of arrival at the ceremony, Ceremony start time, Ceremony finish time, Reception arrival time, Speeches time, First Dance time, Any other times.....

This is mandatory to ensure I am able to stay on site. It is a LONG day so some warm food is more appreciated than you can even imagine! Whilst you are eating I/we will always leave you and your guests to eat in peace whilst we find another area to eat.

You will want at least one person to be able to help you with your dress. If it's particularly complicated you might want two!

This will be done straight after the ceremony let me know if there's a particular location you wish to do it!

I do recommend no more than 10 photos so you can spend time with your guests, each photo takes around 5 minutes

... so if time allows I am TOTALLY here for it & will do my best to capture it for you!!

Naturally I will document the day as it unfolds but let me know if you're planning anything special ie: - Champagne pop/spray - Champagne Tower - Sparklers

You probably found me through social media yourself so it is really important for my little business to be able to share as much content as possible on my pages. If you are happy for me to do this please tick the yes box!